Poacher’s Cottage

We were approached by the client with a view to maximising usable space without redesigning the building envelope. Our background in timber engineering meant we were perfectly suited to finding a solution.

To accomplish this, our design team created a fully open roof space. This allowed the client to make full use of a space that would have been otherwise unusable. This turned a moderately sized 2 bed bungalow into a large 4 bed house with enough extra room for 2 en suite bathrooms. Most importantly, the outside profile of the building has remained as originally intended.

The end result

Using flexible design software and understanding the client’s requirements, we’ve produced a dwelling with an abundant amount of space. By using the roof void we have gained the space of a 2 storey building but retaining the profile of a bungalow and have increased its future resale value.

Some facts

  • Open roof space attic truss construction
  • Reduced build costs over 2 storey building
  • 2 week site build time
  • Prefabricated dormer construction

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