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Timber Treatment

The Vacsol Aqua Advantage – the advanced choice in treated timber from Wyckham Blackwell.

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Timber is still our most versatile and adaptable construction material. A warm, attractive and cost effective product, it is easily worked for a wide range of end uses and has a tremendous natural strength.

Yet timber can be made to perform to even higher standards. Properly protected against the risk of decay and insect attack it becomes a very durable product. Vacsol Aqua treated timber from Wyckham Blackwell has been impregnated through the Vac-Vac process with Vacsol Aqua wood preservative to give it this extra advantage.

vascol aqua treatment process

At Wyckham Blackwell we have the treatment facilities to provide you with a quick and professional service for your building and roofing timbers.

  • Building and roofing timbers above dpc level, including stress graded material and Wyckham Blackwell smartroof components.
  • Timber frame components.
  • Trussed rafters
  • Glulam beams
  • Metal web floor beams
  • Vacsol Aqua treated timber used in Use Classes 1 and 2 applications is treated to a desired service life of 60 years

Treated timbers full protected against decay and insect attack in accordance with EN 599-1.
Waterbased, solvent free treatment – no odours
Metal free preservative formulation – Best Available Technique (BAT) – winner of the 1998 TTJ UK Environmental Initiative of the Year Award
Treated using the proven Vac-Vac industrial pre-treatment process.
Treatment does not significantly alter the timber dimension and moisture content. Suitable for treatments of stress graded timber in accordance with BS 4978/IS 444.
Treatment is compatible with metal fixings.
Treated timber has a colour additive to identify treatment and may be over painted or stained, if required.nhbc logo
Fully approved by the Health & Safety Executive, National House Building Council and major house builders. 





Roof Timbers – dry

Pitched roofs, rafters, purlins, joists, sarking, wall plates


 60 years

 Roof Timbers - Hylotrupes areas

Where there is a risk of House Longhorn Beetle (Hylotrupes bajulus L) according to Building Regulations (5) applicable to England and Wales, the Building Standards Scotland (6) and the Building Regulations (Northern Ireland) (7). Pitched roofs, rafters, purlins, joists, sarking, wall plates 

 1 or 2

 60 years

 Rof Timbers - risk of wetting

Where components are exposed to the risk of wetting due to (for example) condensation - rafters, purlins, joists, sarking, wall plates, flat roofs (cold), enclosed beams, valley gutter timbers, flat roofs (warm inverted), exposed beams 


 60 years

 Tiling battens


 60 years

 Sole plates


 60 years

 Timber frame material

External walls, ground floor joists


 60 years


Aqua preservative is tested in accordance with the requirements of EN 599, including extended field trial testing. VACSOL Aqua treated timber is treated in accordance with the penetration and retention requirements given in BS 8417. Use Classes are defined in EN 335. VACSOL Aqua treated timber meets NBS (Z12), National House Building Council and the Wood Protection Association National Specifications.


The desired service life does not provide a guarantee of performance but an indication of the expectation against which the recommendations for timber treatment are drawn up, assuming good design and normal conditions of use.

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